Process & Schedule


The Sheridan County Plan Update process is outlined below. In addition to the official and formal roles of the Planning and Zoning Commission and Board of County Commissioners, the process is being guided by a Citizens Advisory Committee.

Members of the Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) were selected by the Board of County Commissioners after they published two rounds of notices looking for volunteers.  A considerable number of county residents expressed an interest in serving, which made the selection a challenging one (and honestly is a good problem to have).  Following the review of all the applications, the County Commissioners selected twelve individuals that offer a broad representation by location, background, and interests.  They will play an important role in the Plan Update and are a welcome addition to the Project Team. The Citizens Advisory Committee are:

  • William Bass
  • Bill Bensel
  • Jane Clark
  • Peter Clark
  • Doyl Fritz
  • Karl Kukuchka
  • Bill Rapp
  • Carrie Rogaczewski
  • Jeremy Smith
  • Tim Thomas
  • Ken Thorpe
  • Anthony Wendtland




This step in the process will focus on establishing and quantifying how the County has changed since 2008. In summary, this research will include:

  • Population trends and forecasts for the next 20 years in five-year increments
  • Land use inventories in tabular and narrative form
  • Economic forecasts
  • Verification of significant natural or man made features and hazards
  • Mapped land areas served by public sewer and water
  • Land with developable mineral reserves
  • Analysis and evaluation of current land use patterns.
  • Future land use projections for the next 20 years in five-year increments for residential, commercial, and industrial land uses.
  • Deliverables:
  • Draft report of data collection and inventory prepared in Word
  • Identification of actions in the 2008 Plan that have been implemented
  • Distribution and discussion of results with Citizens Advisory Committee


As the data collection and inventory process draws to a close, work will begin on reviewing the 2008 Plan and identifying issues and opportunities that remain applicable and on discovering those issues and opportunities which had not previously surfaced.

The Planning Week has been announced through social media, Public Service Announcements, radio, and print.  Locations for the Planning Week workshops include Dayton/Ranchester, Big Horn/Story, Clearmont, and Sheridan.  Invitations have been delivered to key stakeholders identified by the County.

Working with the Citizens Advisory Committee, OPD will review the results of the countywide workshops and begin work on revising the vision statement, using the public input that was received.


The implementation portion of the 2008 Plan will be reviewed to delete those actions that have been achieved, update actions to better reflect current trends and local input, and introduce new actions that are likewise based on public comment and OPD’s background analyses.  The revised Plan elements will be used as the genesis for this important task to assure that the updated goals and policies and their accompanying actions are carried forward for implementation.   The Citizens Advisory Committee will serve a vital role by participating in team discussions about the implementation strategies.


Drafting chapters for the plan and its appendices will occur upon completion of each of the preceding steps.  Realistically, background work on the document will be occurring throughout the entire project, because each task to be accomplished directly feeds into the Plan update.  The draft will be reviewed by the Citizens Advisory Committee. Upon receiving the Citizens Advisory Committee’s affirmation that the draft plan is complete, it will then be distributed to the County Planning and Zoning Commission and Board of County Commissioners for their final review and comments. At the conclusion of the draft review, final edits will be made and the plan will be presented for adoption to the Planning and Zoning Commission and the Board of County Commissioners.