Future Land Use Map Draft

Available for Comment

One of the primary pieces of the County Comprehensive Plan is the Future Land Use Map for the unincorporated county.  The original map was prepared for the 2008 Plan and served as the base for this update. 

The Future Land Use Map is intended to be a guide for how the unincorporated county should develop over the next 10-20 years.  Like the name says, it shows future land use in a general sense.  It is not the same as zoning, which is a regulatory tool used by the County that includes standards and requirements for land development and identifies allowed uses by zoning category.  The Future Land Use Map is strictly a road map for what Sheridan County should look like in the coming years and is based both on feedback heard at our public outreach events and on the Project Team’s assessment of the 2008 map in comparison with the on-the-ground changes that have occurred since that plan was adopted. 

Comments received at Third Thursday were mostly positive, and several people noted that the countywide trail and pathway system is a tremendous asset to the area.  A few expressed frustrations with price-gouging on land in the county, which unfortunately cannot be resolved by this update.  Others appreciated the opportunity to talk about the Plan Update with the Project Team and commented in support of the project.  Please take a look at the Future Land Use Map and let us know what you think.  Thank you for your time and input!

Please send any comments about the draft map by hitting the CONTACT tab, located toward the top of the website’s home page.