Clearmont/Arvada Meeting

Clearmont/Arvada, 12-4-18

Report-out and Rankings

Question 1:  What Do You Love Most About Sheridan County?

  • Greener half of the Bighorns
  • Small community atmosphere (most important)
  • Rural character—wildlife, ranchland (most important)
  • Viewshed of the Bighorns
  • Overall culture—hard working, respect for land, history, family values, open doors, small-community feel

Question 2:  Imagine the year is 2028. Your friends have come for a visit. You open the morning paper or go to your favorite local news site, read a great headline, turn to your friend and say “Listen to this headline about our county!” What is the headline?

  • Tourism population and $$ up
  • A new company is coming to the area that should establish economic diversity
  • Wyoming is the top education state in the nation; Sheridan County heads the state in scores and educational opportunities for all students
  • Survey shows small town atmosphere still preferred
  • Sheridan County voted most livable by travel magazine
  • 100% of Sheridan County graduates find work opportunities and stay in the county

Question 3:  What specific issues or situations in Sheridan County cause you the most concern?

  • Development in the 1-mile town-buffer zone (change in State Statute)
  • 80-acre rule (could county go to 40 or 30 acres instead?)
  • Affordability—low wages/high costs (2 votes)
  • Services for an aging population, particularly in remote areas, such as medical, meals, and senior centers (2 votes)
  • Public safety; law enforcement in particular
  • Lack of sanitary sewer in developing areas